4 Internet Marketing Business Plans – How To Use The Internet To Market Your Business

Are You looking for an internet marketing business plan? No matter how you want to run your business, the number one most important thing that you need to get handled when developing an internet marketing business plan is how you are going to drive traffic or visitors to your site.

This article will reveal to you the 4 most fundamental ways of driving traffic to your website, this is the true internet marketing business plan for you to follow so please continue reading on. As by the end of this article you will be clear of what you need to do in terms of applying and developing your own internet marketing business plan.

Article Marketing

When marketing your business or any business for that matter, you would want to see if it’s profitable or not at the start, you would want to see whether your business or website would convert into sales and profits. The reason why Article marketing is the No. 1 internet marketing business plan is because it one of the most popular way to drive traffic to your business without costing you any money. Article marketing is a free way to get more people to your website.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Or PPC is a paid traffic system where you pay various websites or search engines to put your website link on their page. The most commonly used PPC programs is Google AdWords, where you pay for the amount of clicks that goes to your website. When you do a search on Google you will notice that there are the normal search results that you get, but then there are also the sponsored adds listed on the right hand side or above the organic search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method internet marketers use to convert leads into sales, this means that with email marketing you need to system to tarp the leads or visitors into sales. This can often come in the form of adding an op-in form on your web-page, this prompt the visitors to your web-page to provide their contact details such as an email for you to further contact that visitor and eventually convert that visitor into a sale. For this type of internet marketing business plan need to either bring visitors to your web-page where you provide a web-form for them to fill in, or you can purchase email lists from other people.

Search Engine Optimization

The last internet marketing business plan I’m talking about is “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO which the process of making your website appear on top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing every time someone types in a particular type of phrase. For instance if people type, “real estate agents” into Google, it is most desirable if your website appear on top of the list of websites on the Google search results page. To be able to place your website on top of everybody else it can involve many factors such as on page optimization for the right keywords, and then there are also different variable involved such as the level of competition and how many backlinks.

Marketing Business Plan – Marketing Ideas For Small Business

We have all heard of business plans and their importance when starting a business. How many of us have considered a Marketing Business Plan? The latter is just as important as a business plan and can be incorporated into the original plan. However, I think that the Marketing Business Plan is so important to a start up business that it must be considered separately and distinctly from the regular business plan. Many times I am called into consult with an existing small business to learn that business in most ways has overlooked the Marketing Business Plan and the direction it can give the owners and sales people. I am often asked for marketing plan examples to go by but a marketing plan for a business is like a finger print. It has specific characteristics that only that business has. I once had a business that did very well. I grew the company and then decided to sell it. The new owner came in demanded that the company run his way or the highway. He would not follow the marketing plan for the business that made it successful. He eventually ran the business in the ground.

There are many questions you must ask yourself before creating a marketing business plan. This article will deal with two important questions. These questions will help you define your business for yourself and will define your business for your customers as well. There are certainly more questions to delve into when creating a Marketing Business Plan but for right now we will deal with just two.

Questions 1: Who are your customers?

I know this sounds to some silly, but many businesses lose there way and spend a lot of money advertising to the wrong customer base. Define the age group, the business sector they are in, area of town or locations they exist, male, female, family, social status, income.levels, interests. I usually have a brain storming session with my client to determine the depth and level of identity for their customer group. KNOW WHO THEY ARE! If you know this information, then you will be able to focus your marketing towards this group and get the biggest bang for you buck.

Question 2: How does your product or service meet the customer’s need?

It is amazing how often we try to push a product or service off on a person who does not have a need for it. A good marketing and/or sales person will always link a need to the customer. If you can do this, the battle is half way over. Perception is everything. If you can get your customer base to perceive a need for your product or service, you will be successful.

Both questions above can be answered by customer surveys. The customers that you are currently selling to will give you insight into what demographics they fall into and more importantly tell you why they bought your product or service. I have found that customers are more than happy to share with you information and help you if you ask.

Your Online Network Marketing Business Plan

So you want to build your MLM Business Online?

Great! There is an incredible opportunity available for to you to leverage the internet, and connect with the number of people that you really need to reach, to build your business fast and earn a top level income from home.

But be careful before you jump in and start directly marketing your network marketing company online, because you may be inadvertently repelling instead of attracting prospects into your business.

Many people believe that network marketing is a selling business, and this misinformation can greatly decrease the efficacy of online marketing efforts.

If you are constantly posting links to your company replicated web site on face book hoping to get people to sign up, you’re missing a key fundamental to network marketing success that is still true when building from the internet.

Network marketing is not a selling business.

Success with network marketing is really about connecting with people and building long term relationships in business and social settings. Sharing, caring and connecting skills are a valid and required component for recruiting people and creating real success in your network marketing business.

So how do you use the internet as a part of your online network marketing business plan?

Leads! When it comes down to it, the more people you are able to connect with and invite to check out your opportunity the more success you will have. Network Marketing is in many senses a numbers game. This is where the internet comes in.

By using attraction marketing, personal branding, social media, and offering real value and training online you can begin to attract dozens or even hundreds of targeted and interested network marketing business prospects to you every day. If you really get to work and implement these cutting edge social media, and internet marketing strategies it will be a game changer for you in your business.

With a consistent stream of people who are interested in checking out your business, you are aligning yourself with success.

But remember, the success you create is not only about generating leads and numbers and sign ups.

The Relationship is Key

Remember FORM! Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money.

Instead of trying to sell your opportunity to prospects, get to know people! Ask qualifying questions, connect with them, and create a relationship. Get them talking about themselves by asking question about where they work, if they like their job or what would they really like to be doing.

Listen to their responses.

Ask more questions.

Ask them about recreation. What do they like to do for fun? Do they get to do the things they love often? Do they have the money and time to do what they really want to do?

Qualify your prospect to see if they may be someone who is interested in your business. This is not the time to tell them everything about YOUR business, because it isn’t about you it is about the prospect!

Connect, Qualify, Invite, Follow Up, Enroll.

If you want to build a network marketing business you can’t get around these required action steps. But you can significantly increase the size of your online platform, and increase the number of new people you introduce into your online sales funnel using incentives.

Connecting with more people means more will qualify to be invited. Get to them to your simple presentation and follow up. The more people you do this with, the more sign ups, teammates and growth you will be able to create accelerated success in your business.